More Holocaust

April 16, 2007

Zionism is touted, in Israel, to be both the logical conclusion, and the proper answer to the Holocaust. The syllogism is, more or less:

1. Zionism wants the Jews in Palestine.

2. When Jews are not in Palestine, then Holocausts happen.

3. Therefore, Jews should be Zionists.

This syllogism has worked, I guess, for a while. But now, when zionist leaders are claiming Iran poses the threat of annihilation to the Jewish people again, lets look at the syllogism now:

1. ZIonism wants Jews in Israel.

2. Holocausts will happen regardless of whether Jews are in Israel or not

3. Then why bother?

Zionism is not holy – it is a solution to a problem, and if the problem isn’t solved by Zionism, then it makes sense that we should look for another solution and not wallow in self-pity.


One Response to “More Holocaust”

  1. Mobius said

    this hit me hardest on yom hazikaron. there were these mini-raves going on in every kikar, with thousands of young jews filling the streets, raging joyously. and i thought, wow man, this is great. israel has probably given us the first opportunity in our history to have a massive street party without worrying that the tsar’s goons are going to come and round us up. we’re truly free! and then i looked at either end of yaffo st., and saw these eged buses parked horizontally across the street, surrounded by security vehicles, creating a massive barricade on each end, and i realized, we’re not free at all. we’re in a constant state of fear, sequestered in the world’s largest ghetto. the world’s biggest target.

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