Hate Crime on the Streets of Tel Aviv

May 14, 2007

(what the news would look like,if this were a Jew anywhere else in the world)

Tel Aviv, Israel – In a new outburst of hate crimes after a cessation of several years, Israel Police reported that  Tiasir Karkowitz,  a Jewish cab driver of 35 was murdured by a french-muslim immigrant who confessed. “I wanted to kill a Jew”. The immigrant, Mohammed Mohammed was taken into custody by the shin bet and will be brought before a military tribunal tomorrow. Mohammed’s military attorney, Maj. Hannan Humaniskowitz said he would try to convince the court that Mohammed was insane, but Police said he obviously wasn’t. “He clearly said he wanted to kill Jews,” said Tel Aviv’s Police spokesperson, who added, off the record that he thought all Arabs should be shot at dawn.

All members of the Knesset united in strong opposition to Krakowitz’s murder. “Hate crimes against Jews should be a thing of the past,” said the Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, who earlier signed a demolition order for Mohammed’s family’s home. Border Police were instructed to clamp down on the borders and IDF military units were put on alert.

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