(a disturbing satiric dialog between the Progressive citizen and the Orthodox Economist)

OE: I’m against the strike.

PC: Oh, you mean the student strike?

OE: No, I mean all strikes. Strikes increase the power of organized labor, and promote the loss of capital.

PC: Yes, but otherwise, how would we have an eight-hour work day?

OE: You see, that’s the problem exactly! An eight-hour work day stifles our economy, and decreases productivity. Only lazy people want to work eight hours a day. Look at the chinese, they work for…

PC: But in china people are hungry, and oppressed, and…

OE: Yes, but look at their economic boom!

PC: But nobody benefits except the rich.

OE: But look at their economic boom!

PC: But infant mortality rates are so high.

OE: But look at their economic boom!

PC: and then there’s the pollution, and the exploited workers and so on and so forth

OE: economic boom, ad infinitum.

And there you have it in a nutshell, really. Economics are not a science and their aim is not to serve people at all. They are a religion, and their aim is to serve capital. Why are my tax sheqels going to serve capital, when they can be serving people? (more to come)